"Justice for David"


Several hundred citizens of Sarajevo gathered in front of the National Museum of BiH giving support to Davor Dragicevic and the "Justice for David" movement in Banja Luka. Tensions soared in Banja Luka after police detained a man whose demands for answers about the death of his son helped spark months of anti-government protests. Police in riot gear were deployed as the mourning father's supporters gathered to protest his arrest.

David Dragicevic, 21, disappeared on the night of March 18, 2018, and his body was found six days later. Police initially said it was a suicide, but the young man's family insists he was killed by someone else. Police say he drowned, but conflicting pathology reports and inconsistencies in police statements have fuelled anger over what many Bosnian Serbs see as police incompetence and indifference. His father has accused top police officials of covering up his son's slaying and protecting the killers.

The European Union delegation in Bosnia said it was "deeply concerned" about the arrests and demanded an explanation from Bosnian Serb police.