Perception of U.S. presidential election 2016


As Americans head to the polls today to elect the person in charge of the world’s largest and most powerful economy, the rest of the world is watching. On the day of the presidential election in the United States, the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized the "Election Night" in Sarajevo. During the evening, many guests of the Embassy of the United States have followed the progress of the presidential elections in the United States. It was crowded and I was bored, so I decided to change that. In crowd of people, I noticed a man who has a tie and stick with the symbols of the American flag. I decided to follow him and to make photos of these unique stuff, I was careful not to disturb him. Photography is a powerful tool, through these photos I tried to show one person from two different angles, to illustrate him as a losers or winner. Usualy the losers feel sad and injured, and injured people use the stick to help them walk away, while tie often indicates a leadership role, the winners were arranged and head held high. These photos can illustrate how American people will deal with election results. As America votes for next president, the world is watching more closely than perhaps ever before with a mix of fascination and horror.