I am a photojournalist from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My interest in photography started during my time as a student. My initial interest was in documentary photography, and in the following years this curiosity and desire to depict the truth manifested themselves in my career. My work is also influenced by my childhood experiences, which I spent in besieged Sarajevo during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia. The war dramatically changed the physical, economic and social environment, thus I draw my inspiration from the need to document and show the changes in society and surroundings, social topics, as well as daily events and everyday life. In particular, I place a special emphasis on human rights, stories and emotions of the different people I meet through my work.
I use photography to document, explore and mark victories and defeats in society, as well as the achievements of the milieu in which I live. I feel that in my profession, the most important thing is gaining the trust of the observer and the community in which one lives.
I participated in several workshops held by renowned photojournalists. In 2015, I completed the NOOR Masterclass in Documentary Photography, my tutors were members of the NOOR photo agency, Andrea Bruce, Stanley Greene and Kadir van Lohuizen. In 2013, I completed the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in the class of photojournalist Ron Haviv, one of the founders of the VII Photo Agency. In 2009, I completed the workshop entitled “Using documentary photography in media – how to present photography in a multimedia environment and combine it with audio-visual elements”, taught by Reuters Agency photojournalist Damir Sagolj.
I also received awards for my work:
In the 2012 “Photograph of the year in BiH” competition my photograph entitled “Miners” won the Best Photograph Award in the Press category.
In the 2011 “Photograph of the year in BiH” competition I won the Honorary Grand Prix Award as best author. In addition, my photograph entitled “Violence towards the Romani” was chosen as the best photograph in the Press category.